Why You May Have Been Reinventing Yourself All Along

When I googled the term “second act” the first explanation the search engine came up with was something a person devotes his or her late life to, after retiring or quitting a former occupation. The definition didn’t quite do it for me. It didn’t feel like my experience. As I looked further, I squealed with delight to find out that JLO, has a romantic comedy released this Fall of the same name. Parts of the synopsis resonated with me, such as “a woman reinvents her life after years of working in the same industry.” Wait, it was filmed in New York and they didn’t call me!

Scenes from Jennifer Lopez new movie, Second Act via SPLASH

Anyway, as I sat and reflected on my work history and experience, it became evident that my second act was always part of my first! My dreams of creating, performing and writing never laid dormant instead I’ve always figured out a way to chase that dream and fight against what others thought I should be doing.

In 2007, on the train on my way to my corporate job that I dreaded I said to myself, “I’m starting a beauty line!” I had no idea where to start, but in my head, it would fulfill my need to create. Create I did from formulating and naming the products to marketing my new business. I even remember studying for my Series 7, (my 9–5 was in financial services) while studying for my aesthetics license, (which I felt I needed to improve my credibility). Body Blessings, the name of my beauty line, wasn’t my only dip into the creative pool.

I attended New York Film Academy and Gotham Writers and learned scriptwriting and wrote my first screenplay; I took acting and improv lessons all while pushing the envelope at work with my hair, attire to starting whatever new initiative I could think of to bring fresh ideas to the “world” I spent most of my day in.

Photo of some of my products from Body Blessings

Although, I’ve always found a way to release all of the creative energy I stilled yearned to be more of a devotee than a dabbler. That’s why three years ago when I got the chance to freelance for an influencer I took the leap and left my day job and started working with creatives full time. I’ve had the opportunity to style book shoots, create digital copy, and create experiential events for high-end brands.

Fitness Influencer & Author, Robin Arzon and I at her book launch for Shut Up And Run

Most importantly, I have the time to write, my first love. I even started a podcast to give snack size burst of inspiration for us mature gals, longing to be devotees to their creative self. Well, I recorded the intro three months ago but I have a great message for the next episode. Hey, I have more time to create but the self limiting blocks still creep up. Even with all the practice I’m still not all that comfortable releasing my work to the world. Don’t judge me! I’m sensitive about my… well you know.

Promo photo for Higher Than This Podcast

Reinvention can be scary and exhilarating all in the same breath, but the alternative is simply living in this world without giving it your full contribution and that is downright sinful!

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